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WP Fix It – Fixing WP 24/7 Since 2009

WP Fix It fixes WordPress websites. They’re quick, reasonably priced ($39 for most fixes), experts in all things WordPress and best of all, they’re honest. Not only that, they sponsor an amazing Facebook group called WordPress Help and Share. Maybe you should join!

Of course WP Fix It wouldn’t be in our WordPress showcase if they didn’t use WordPress. As with some of our other featured sites, they use a custom theme for their website. As such (unfortunately), you can’t download the it from the WordPress theme directory.

The WP Fix It website is yet another demonstration of the diversity and flexibility the WordPress platform provides.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting (well, virtually) WP Fix It’s owner. His name is Jarrett and he’s a phenomenal guy! If you need WordPress help and don’t feel like getting ripped off by someone who seems to know something but doesn’t — check out WP Fix It!

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  1. I am inspired with your YT videos about making website in WordPress for free. With help of your latest one for 2017 I try to create the blog with linked pages like Home, About, Day by Day and Contact. Script of what I see in your video and in WordPress is different as of Feb 2018 and I cannot get new pages linked except of Contact page which exists in default. The issue with it that it is not allowing to my readers to contact me, it is just sending messages back to reader with WP pitch.
    Could you please help to figure out what is wrong? My site is
    I really love your videos and wish to see one updated for 2018 about creating websites for free in WP 🙂

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