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The Ongoing Mind

Thanks for stopping by to check out The Ongoing Mind here on the WordPress Showcase. If you’re interested in seeing your¬†WordPress website here on the Showcase, be sure to shoot me an email.

If you don’t know exactly what The Ongoing Mind is all about at first glance, just consider what Aden said to me a while back.

There are only two things to do with an overactive mind besides going insane — it can be tamed (quieted as if having ADHD) or taken advantage of — as a genius would do.

Get it now? If not, then start reading here.

I appreciate that The Ongoing Mind has a “no email” policy. Simply put, they don’t collect email addresses. No nags. No pop-ups. No opt-in forms.

I also hate annoying opt-in email nags. That’s why you won’t see any on this website either (unless you consider a static link a nag). But I don’t take it quite as far as The Ongoing Mind. I still encourage folks to subscribe to get notifications of future blog posts.

Luminescence Lite WordPress Theme

The Ongoing Mind website uses the Luminescence Lite WordPress theme by Styled Themes. Here is a link to the pro version of the theme if you want to see a demo.

Luminescence Lite is a retro-look blogging theme. It’s perfect for bloggers of all sorts. It’s got a minimalist look, it’s easy to set up and easy for visitors to navigate.

Thanks for Checking Out the Showcase!

If you have your own WordPress website you’d like to see added to the Showcase (for a little extra SEO juice) feel free to submit it here. Inclusion is not guaranteed.

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