WordPress Image Galleries Made Easy

Making beautiful WordPress image galleries requires no special skills. Anyone can do it in just a few minutes. I’m going to show you how.

What exactly is a WordPress image gallery? It’s simply a way for you to easily display images on your website in a visually striking manner.

Get Started By Activating Carousel and Tiled Galleries in Jetpack

Jetpack is a plugin for WordPress that will massively expand the functionality of your website. It’s not just plugin, it’s the plugin.

If you haven’t yet installed Jetpack on your WordPress website, do so! It will supercharge your website and, more to the point, will give you the ability to easily create beautiful WordPress image galleries in a matter of minutes.

Hover over Jetpack in your WordPress administration dashboard and then click Settings.

WordPress image galleries settings

Activate the Carousel module and the Tiled Galleries module. Once you’ve activated both modules, you’re ready to start working on your image galleries.

Jetpack tiled galleries checkbox

Jetpack Carousel checkbox

Upload Some Beautiful Images!

Now, as you’re writing a post or creating a page, go to the Add Media button above your post.

WordPress media library add media button

Then click on Create Gallery.

WordPress create gallery link

Then click on Upload Files or Media Library depending on whether you want to create a gallery of existing images that are already a part of your media library or if you want to create a gallery of new images that are on your computer.

WordPress create gallery

If you click on Upload Files, you’ll see a large button that says Select Files in the center of your screen. Click it.

WordPress media gallery select files button

Once you click Select Files, you’ll be able to browse the folders on your computer. Browse to the images you want, select them and click open.

Quick Tip #1
This tip works for those using Windows operating systems.

When selecting image files for upload, hold the Ctrl button down on your keyboard, left-click the first image you want, then left-click the last image you want. All images in between those you clicked (as well as the two you clicked) will be selected. Click open and all the selected images will upload to your WordPress media library.

Quick Tip #2
This tip works for those using Windows operating systems.

When selecting image files for upload, hold the Alt button down on your keyboard, left-click the first image you want, then left-click additional images one at a time (while continuing to hold down the Alt button). This allows you to select multiple non-contiguous images. When you’ve selected the images you want, click open and all the selected images will upload to your WordPress media library.


WordPress media library select files

When you have uploaded your images, you will see them in the media gallery. Before you choose the images you want to be included in your gallery, you need to add alternative text.

Add Alternative Text to All Your Images

Adding alternative text (alt text) makes your images accessible to everyone, even though who are blind. So describe them accurately. Accessibility is important. Not only is accessibility important, but Google likes images with alt text.

When looking at a picture of a cat sitting on a chair, you know what is happening because you can see it. However, the search engines do not have eyes. The alternative text translates the intent of your image to the search engine.

Alternative text is read by screen readers in place of images allowing those with visual or other cognitive disabilities to be able to access the function and content of the image.

You do not have to use keywords. Simply state what is happening in the picture.

  1. Be accurate.
  2. Be succinct.
  3. Don’t use “image of” or “picture of” when describing your image.

Another reason to add alt text to all your images is that it gives Google and other search engines another route into your website. People perform images searches all the time.

So now you’ll not only have your website pages and posts indexed, you’ll also have your images indexed. And that helps your website get found.

Do you have to add alt text to make your WordPress image galleries work? No. But that’s beside the point. Add alternative text to all your images.

WordPress media library alt text field

Add Selected Images to the Gallery

Now the fun part. You get to choose the images you want to appear in your image gallery. And you get to choose how your gallery will look.

Click the images you want to appear in your gallery. When you click the image, you will see a little check box appear in the upper right corner of the image. That means it will be included in your gallery.

If you want to de-select your image, hover over the check box and you will see a minus sign appear. Click the minus sign to de-select your image.

select unselect button WordPress media library thumbnail

Once you’ve selected all the images you want in your WordPress image gallery, click the blue button on the bottom right that says Create a new gallery.

create a new gallery button WordPress

Choose Your Image Gallery Type

Since we’ve activated the Tiled Galleries module in Jetpack’s settings, we will have access to a few different types of image galleries. We can choose:

  1. thumbnail grid
  2. tiled mosaic
  3. square tiles
  4. circles
  5. tiled columns

A thumbnail grid looks like what it sounds like. A bunch of thumbnails in a grid pattern. Pretty boring but available.

Tiled mosaic is my favorite for most situations. It will organize your images into a beautiful mosaic with thumbnails of different sizes. Jetpack lines up your images up beautifully.

Square tiles creates square images then lines them all up with their edges touching. This is a nice effect if you’re wanting a clean look.

Circles creates thumbmail images that are circles. Go figure.

Tiled columns is similar to tiled mosaic except that your images are lined up in columns of equal width. It’s quite a stunning effect.

To choose your image gallery type, use the dropdown box on the right of your screen that is labeled type.
choose gallery type dropdown WordPress gallery settings

You can ignore the link to field but play with the Columns, Random Order and Size fields to see the different results.

When you’re ready, click Insert gallery.

WordPress insert gallery button

Save Your Post and Check Out Your New WordPress Image Gallery

When you’re ready to see your new image galleries, simply save your post (click either publish or preview post) and you’ll be able to see what you’ve created.

When you click on an image in your gallery, you’ll see a beautiful full-screen slideshow launch. This happens because we activated the Carousel Jetpack module when we started this process. Your image slideshow will look stunning on a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Example WordPress Image Galleries

Tiled Mosaic Image Gallery (3 columns, thumbnail size)

Square Tiles Image Gallery (3 columns, thumbnail size)

Circles Image Gallery (3 columns, thumbnail size)

Tiled Columns Image Gallery (3 columns, thumbnail size)

Free Support For You

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If you don’t sign up with Inmotion and you need a hand, I will still try to help, because I enjoy helping others out. That’s what it’s all about anyway, right?

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