Why WordPress?

Why WordPress?Why WordPress? Is It Really That Great?

Yes. It is. I’m going to give you a few reasons why WordPress is the best blogging / website-building software available.

Anyone can use WordPress.

When I say anyone, I mean anyone. You don’t need to know html, php or any other kind of code. You need very little money (or none if you use the WordPress-hosted version). If you can read, and are willing to put a little effort into learning how WordPress works, you will soon be making your own blog or website. There is a learning curve, but it’s a learning curve that’s just right. You will be using a very powerful, extensible blog-building software.

So, why WordPress?

Because it’s powerful yet easy to learn.

WordPress doesn’t cost much.

If you’re into saving money, WordPress won’t disappoint. There are two flavors of WordPress:

  • WordPress.com (100% free website hosted by WordPress)
  • WordPress.org (the software: you need a web host and a domain name)

WordPress.com is free. It is hosted by WordPress. That means you don’t need a web host or a domain name. To sign up you just need a valid email address. The benefits of WordPress.com are that it’s free, there’s no management (no worrying about updates or security or backups) and it’s a cheap way to learn to use WordPress. The cons of WordPress.com are that you cannot use plugins (you can’t extend your site), you cannot modify the code, it’s not good for e-commerce and you won’t have your own domain name (your url will look like: yourname.wordpress.com). WordPress.com is amazing. It is perfect for teachers, personal bloggers, hobbyists, gamers, or just for learning WordPress. Give it a try.

WordPress.org is also free. But in order to use the free software, you must have a web host (I recommend Inmotion Hosting; I use them for all my hosting, including this website) and a domain name (I recommend Namecheap at this time). The benefits of using the self-hosted version of WordPress are that you can utilize endless plugins and themes, you won’t be hampered by storage space limitations, you’ll have your own domain name (yourname.com), it’s great for e-commerce, and you can modify and extend it to your heart’s content.

So, why WordPress?

Because it costs less than a quad latte at Starbucks to build your own WordPress blog or website.

WordPress is extensible.

As mentioned, you can extend WordPress in many ways. There are countless plugins that can improve and change your site: contact forms, SEO (search engine optimization) assistants, email subscriptions, photo galleries, e-commerce solutions, search improvements, site security . . . You can also modify your site’s appearance with themes. Thousands of themes exist for your viewing pleasure. Many are free. You can modify and extend your WordPress website, well, forever.

So, why WordPress?

In a word — flexibility.

WordPress can be a blog — or a website.

WordPress is typically thought of as blogging software. Not anymore. WordPress can be used to make a website or a blog. And that begs the question: what is the difference between a blog and a website? In my mind? Not much. All blogs are websites. But not all websites are blogs. Take this site for example. Is it a blog or a website? Both. It has a static homepage and other static pages, which says “website,” but it also has a blog. So it’s both.

In my mind, I differentiate a website and a blog by thinking about a website as a site with a static home page (and other static, non-dated pages). A blog is a website with no real “home page,” because every blog post (dated) takes the top spot on the home page. Take a look at WP Tavern. That is a blog. The front content is always changing and every post is time-stamped. This is a very simplistic view of the issue.

So, why WordPress?

You can create a blog or website.

WordPress is constantly updated.

WordPress engineers and programmers constantly upgrade the software. It’s continually getting better. Not only that, the updates address security vulnerabilities as they arise. It used to be somewhat difficult to keep up with all the updates, but now it’s a simple one-click operation.

So, why WordPress?

With WordPress you’re always on the cutting edge of technology.

Really cool people use WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular blogging / website-building software in the world. It’s used by many cool people (like me). Other rich and powerful WordPress users include: The New York Times, eBay, Best Buy, CNN, Forbes, Reuters, Macleans, GM, UPS, Sony, MP3.com, Izod, TechCrunch, Samsung, IBMjobs, Mashable . . . get it?

So, why WordPress?

It’s popular, and for good reason.

WordPress is amazing!

If you’ve been thinking about making your own blog or website, and you’ve been wondering, “Why WordPress?” you now know.

So take a few minutes, watch my video (How to Make a Free Website – 2017) and you’ll have your own amazing, professional blog or website.

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  1. I really like what’s written here. Who knows, 2017 may be the year for a website for me. I’d like to have one.


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