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What Is Theme Hybrid?

Theme Hybrid is a WordPress theme club. You can find a number of high quality WordPress themes and plugins there, including the theme used on this website. This site’s theme is 100% free and it’s called Mixr. It’s a child theme of Stargazer, one of a number of highly customizable parent themes found on Theme Hybrid.

I’m no salesman, but to convince you of the quality of the themes offered on Theme Hybrid, go take a look at WP Tavern. WP Tavern is the official WordPress blog and it uses Stargazer for its theme.

Are you confused about all this parent theme/child theme talk? Do you know the difference between a parent theme and a child theme? If you don’t, be sure to subscribe to this blog as I’ll be writing an article about this exact topic next week! Or, if you really don’t want to subscribe, that’s cool too. Just check back soon.

Challenges I’ve Faced With Mixr

No matter which theme you choose when you make your WordPress website, you’ll face some challenges. Each theme has different features, works in a different way and has its own learning curve.

For a variety of reasons (soon to be explained), I chose a theme called Mixr. Using and editing Mixr has been a challenge, but a challenge mitigated by the use of Theme Hybrid’s club membership. In other words, I chose Mixr because I knew I could get top-notch yet affordable support from Justin, the owner of Theme Hybrid. Top-notch and affordable are two words not often found in the same sentence.

I really like the look of the rounded corners in Mixr, but some of the items in the theme didn’t have rounded corners. So I had to figure out how to edit the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to get the look I wanted. And that wasn’t the easiest thing in the world for me to do, since I’m not a developer or a programmer. Code scares me. It really does.

I also wanted to edit the text color on the website so that it would look good on a dark background. But I didn’t want to change the color of all the text. I just wanted to change a little bit of text here and there, like the breadcrumbs (breadcrumbs are the navigation links right above the title of each page and post) and the text color on the comment forms.

Getting little bits of text to change colors in different places without globally editing the site’s text color was harder than one might think. It meant editing more code. And that meant (at least for me) a lot of time wasted.

Benefits of Theme Hybrid

Enter Theme Hybrid. As a WordPress website do-it-yourselfer, I look for ways to make my websites for free or for a very low cost. Theme Hybrid offers all their themes for free and they’re all very high quality and well-coded themes.

The parent themes are coded by Justin Tadlock, a WordPress developer who has been at this for a long time. He knows what he’s doing and he knows WordPress.

Here’s a question I asked Justin.

I would like to have the footer boxes not squished together on mobile and have tried various CSS edits to fix it but have been unsuccessful. I want there to be some slight space on the edges to match the width of the sidebar widgets (and main body) on mobile. Without the space there the rounded corners look terrible. Also, I want some vertical space between them. The same amount of space that is between the sidebar widgets when they are stacked on each other vertically.

And here was Justin’s quick answer.

Adding this to your style.css file shoul fix the issue:
@media only screen and ( max-width: 700px ) {
#sidebar-subsidiary .widget
margin: 0 0.375rem 0.375rem 0.375rem;

You can adjust the numbers higher if you want more space. Each margin number represents top right bottom left.

I tried the code Justin provided and it worked perfectly. Talk about a time-saver. I would have eventually figured out what I needed to do to fix my issue but it would have taken me a lot of time. For me, that one answer was worth the cost of the yearly membership.

I’m not in any way affiliated with Theme Hybrid but I highly recommend joining the club if you want some low-cost support that is better than any other support you’ll get anywhere, anytime. Justin answers the majority of support questions himself and he knows these themes like he knows the back of his hand. I have asked a variety of questions (mostly involving CSS) and Justin answered them all, typically within a few hours.

The cost of joining the club is $20 per year. That’s right. Just $20 per year. That’s pretty much unbeatable. The majority of theme creators charge $50-$100 for their themes and they typically include a year of support along with that. Then you have to pay a yearly fee for continued support. It’s usually a lot higher than $20 per year and the support is, well, sub-par compared to Justin’s support.

I’m Not Affiliated With Theme Hybrid

Look, I’m not friends with Justin (although that would be pretty cool). I don’t know Justin from Adam. I’m not affiliated with Theme Hybrid in any way (I said that before; I just want to be sure everyone gets it). But I really respect and appreciate what he offers. And like I said before, I find a little bit of joy in discovering high quality, low-cost or free resources for do-it-yourself website builders.

And Theme Hybrid is one of the best resources I’ve ever found.

Free Support for Your WordPress Website

As always, I offer free support for those who purchase web hosting from Inmotion. That way, I make a few bucks and then I’m much more willing to lend a helping hand. But I’m sort of a softie; I pretty much help anyone who asks. Just don’t take advantage of me and don’t ask too many coding questions!

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