Popups Suck. Ads Suck. Marketing Ploys Suck.

Popups Suck

Marketing professionals tell me popups dramatically increase subscriber rates and conversions. Call me stubborn but I don’t need them. I like to think people subscribe to a website (like mine) because they’re interested in receiving solid content, not because they’re snowed by a flashy popup.

I spend a fair amount of time researching WordPress and WordPress-related topics. I’m constantly bombarded with incessant popups telling me to subscribe. Telling me that I can’t live without whatever free gift they’re offering. Telling me I’m stupid because I’m about to fall for a marketing ploy.

Popups insult my intellect, interrupt my research and make me want to tear my hair out of my head. I don’t like them. I’m guessing most people feel the same way. That’s why you won’t see popups on this website.  Ever.

Ads Suck

When I visit a website, I want to know what the organization does. I want to hear their message.  If I see ads all over the place I become confused and sad.

I don’t want to make my visitors sad, so you won’t see ads on this website.  Ever.

Marketing Ploys Suck

Popups, free gifts, incentives — most of the time they’re all clever marketing ploys designed to accomplish one thing — make you buy.

I also want you to buy. But I’m not going to trick you into doing so. I make money when you purchase web hosting from Inmotion Hosting using this important link.

I also make money when you purchase your domain name from Namecheap using this link right here.

Lastly, I make some money when you decide to purchase a WordPress.com plan using this link.

So if you find my content useful, I’d appreciate a click and a purchase.

There’s my clever marketing ploy.

Crappy Content Sucks

You’re here to learn how to make a website with WordPress.  And all the content I write is made to be one thing — useful.

That’s why you should subscribe to my blog.

If you subscribe, you won’t get any free gifts or ridiculous special content. Sorry. All I have to offer is straight talk and actionable content delivered straight to your inbox.

I Do Offer Some Free Stuff

I do offer a few things for free if you decide you want to purchase your web hosting from Inmotion. After all, I am willing to work a little harder if money’s involved. Aren’t you?

Click here to see what I offer for free.

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