Pearl Sonic Boom Buzz Cajon Review

The Pearl Sonic Boom Buzz Really BOOMS

pearl sonic boom buzz cajon I realize this isn’t really WordPress-related. And this is a blog about how to make a WordPress website.  However, I’m so super-excited about this cajon that I simply had to write a quick review about it. I hope nobody minds. I made a video review as well so check it out if you want to see me looking like a loser hitting a wooden box.

What is a cajon? Nothing but a box that you bang on. Really. That’s what it is. It’s supposed to simulate a drum kit. And a cajon, played right, really can simulate a drum kit remarkably. Of course I can’t play it right, but eventually I’ll be laying down a smooth groove.

Why did I choose this cajon? Well, I went all over the entire Portland metro area trying out different cajons. I tried Apple Music, Guitar Center, Beacocks–you name the store and I probably went there. I tried at least 30 different cajons. Most of them sounded pretty good, and a lot of them had a better “pop” when it came to a nice high-pitched snare, but there just wasn’t the differentiation in sound that I was looking for between the bass and the snare. Most cajons don’t have deep thumping bass. They just don’t. And most have a pretty strong snare sound all across the front face. So whether you’re hitting the lower part of the front face (where the bass should be) or whether you’re hitting near the top of the face of the cajon (where the snare sound should be), you’re getting a strong snare sound. I don’t like that. I wanted a distinct bass sound and I also wanted a distinct snare sound, all in one instrument. Most cajons simply don’t deliver.

Enter the Pearl Sonic Boom Buzz Cajon. I sat down and played one at Rhythm Traders. I was immediately drawn to the deep, resonating bass. I couldn’t get over the fact that it literally sustained. It was like, “Booooooooooooom,” instead of “thump” like most of the others. And it had a snare! I had found the Pearl Sonic Boom Cajon at a different store but it was just the Pearl Sonic Boom, not the Sonic Boom Buzz. I had immediately fallen in love with the deep bass of that cajon, but without the snare it didn’t really appeal to me. It was more of a “thwack” sound when hitting the top of the front face and not a snare sound. The cajon was just a solid wooden box without the wires inside that produce the shake and rattle of a snare drum. So it was a disappointment. But when I found the Pearl Sonic Boom Buzz, I knew my search was over. And that realization was further reinforced when the shopkeeper said, “You might as well spend the money on that one.”

“Why?” I wanted to know.

“Because that’s the only one that does that.”

“Does what?”

“Has bass that sustains like that.”

And of course I knew he was right because I had already tried at least 29 other cajons all over Portland! So I pulled out my credit card and bought it. And I got a few dollars off because it had a little ding on the top. You can’t beat that. And to top it all off, this beauty is made right here in the good old USA. While I’m sure that doesn’t appeal to everyone, it appeals to me, because, well, I live in the USA.

The Sonic Boom Buzz is hardily constructed. There are no rivets or screws, which is atypical for a cajon. Most have the front face screwed on. The cajon is front-firing, again atypical for a cajon. All the others I played had a small port in the back or, sometimes, on the side. The Sonic Boom Buzz is made of birch with a walnut face and is actually quite a beautiful instrument.

My only complaint about this cajon is that the snare is not as high and “poppy-sounding” as most other cajons. The snare is OK. I’d prefer a snappier, poppier sound. But what makes this cajon stand out from the crowd are deep, resounding bass tones. I don’t know that there’s a better cajon out there, anywhere, for deep bass tones. When you hit this baby, everyone in the room feels the rhythm.

Anyway, I apologize about the off-task nature of this post. But I had to talk about my new instrument. It’s like crack. Once you try it, you just want more.

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