How to Make a Free Photography Website in Under 15 Minutes!

How to Make a Free Photography Website – FAST!

How to Make a Free Photography Website in 15 Minutes! – 2016

bored face simple black and whiteAs I taught my students at school today, the stress level crept up until I almost blew my top. Yes, even teachers lose their cool once in a while.

The final bell mercifully rang, the students headed to their buses and I headed into an hour-long meeting. Yes, an after-school meeting on a Friday afternoon. I dutifully headed to the meeting, participated to the extent that my fried mind would allow, and then, finally, headed out to my truck.

I drove home, expecting kids to jump into my arms and beg me to jump on the trampoline or take them swimming or go on a bike ride or wrestle . . . But when I opened the door I was greeted by an eerie silence. Then I saw the note on the table. They had gone out to the mall.

I felt like collapsing on the couch. But then I thought, I’m not by myself that often. Here’s a great opportunity to make a quick video! I wonder if I can make one before they all get home?

So I pulled out the french press, boiled some water, brewed some potent coffee and set to work putting together a completely free photography WordPress website. I wanted to complete the website in under 15 minutes and record myself making it. I finished the entire thing (the website, the video — all of it) and had it uploaded to YouTube by the time the family arrived home.

And then I collapsed on the couch.

So why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this because I want everyone to understand that making a website with WordPress is not complicated. It’s easy. I like to tell folks that if they can learn Microsoft Word, they can learn WordPress.

I’ve been considering making a video like this for some time because I’ve seen folks arguing in the comments section of my Wix vs WordPress video. The consensus seems to be that while WordPress is a better system for creating professional, responsive websites, Wix is better for beginners.

Don’t believe it. WordPress is great for beginners as well. Anyone, even beginners, can make an amazing WordPress website as my latest video on making a free photography website with WordPress demonstrates.

Don’t believe it? Watch the video and see for yourself.

Making a Free WordPress Website Is a Great Way to Learn WordPress

Keep in mind that this video is about making a completely free WordPress website using You won’t need web hosting or a domain name. This is an effective way to learn the basics of WordPress without spending a dime.

Later, if you want your own domain name and a web host so that you can have an unlimited-options website, you can do so. And you can still continue using WordPress!

I have recommendations for web hosting and domain name registration. Click here to see my affiliate disclosure and my recommendations.

Let me finish with a word of warning. If you make a free website with any other free website provider, this is not the case. If you start with them, you’re stuck with them — forever!

Free Support For Your WordPress Website

I’m happy to give you free support (if I’m in a good mood, that is). Click here to see what I offer for free.

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  1. great! do you make invisible watermark on all your photos?


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