Can I add my WordPress website to the showcase?

You can submit your WordPress website for inclusion in the showcase by filling out this form right here. All I ask is that I can use a screen grab off of your website for the featured image, possibly including your logo.

Not all websites submitted will be added to the showcase. It is completely at my discretion. What I typically look for is an aesthetically pleasing site that does not include hate speech or porn. 

Do you help us make our website?

I provide some support for those who purchase their web hosting from Inmotion Hosting. With my link you’ll save 56% off business hosting. That’s Inmotion’s best discount anywhere.

Keep in mind that I will try to help anyone who asks, even those who have not purchased hosting from Inmotion. But I have some specific guidelines for those who try to get me to do everything for them.

What is shared hosting?

With shared hosting, your website resides on a server with other websites (possibly hundreds). Resources are shared among all the websites. Your website has a CPU resource limit to stay within. If you exceed your CPU usage, you will typically be notified that your website is causing problems for the server and that you’ll need to upgrade, be throttled or shut down.

Shared hosting works well for low-traffic websites. Hallmarks of typical shared hosting often (but not always) include: cheap hardware, CPU resource limitations, hundreds of customers packed onto one server, performance issues, downtime and poor customer support.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your website’s unique Internet address. My domain name is myboringchannel.net. What will yours be?

What is a domain registrar?

A domain registrar is a company that sells domain names. An example of a domain registrar is Namecheap.

I buy all my domain names from Namecheap and I recommend that you do as well. Why? Namecheap has excellent and responsive customer service and technical support.

What is a web host and why do I need one?

A web host is a company that hosts, or stores, your website files. Without a web host, you’d have no place to store your content online. Without a web host, your domain name is like a disconnected phone number.

What is privacy protection and do I really need it?

Unless you want anyone on earth to have access to your address, phone number and other private information, you need privacy protection. Privacy protection (or WhoisGuard as Namecheap calls it) is simply a cloaking service. Anyone who tries to see your information won’t be able to see it.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is website-building software — really, really good (and free) website-building software. It’s made up of a bunch of files. Those files are your website files. And your website files will be stored with your web host.

What is a plugin?

A plugin is a bit of software that will greatly extend the functionality of your WordPress website. You can search available plugins (there are tens of thousands) by hovering over Plugins in your WordPress administration sidebar and clicking on Add New. Some plugins are essential for the smooth running of your WordPress website.

If WordPress is free, what am I paying for?

You don’t pay to use WordPress. WordPress is open source and 100% free. You pay to rent space from your web host. And you pay for your domain name. Without a web host, a domain name, and website files, you have no website.

I've heard there are two versions of WordPress. Is that true?

Yes, there are two versions of WordPress. There is WordPress.com and WordPress.org. For a detailed look at the differences between a WordPress-hosted website (WordPress.com) and a self-hosted website (WordPress.org), read this article.

Is WordPress right for me?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System). If you use WordPress, you don’t have to know anything about coding or have any technical skills at all. You just need to learn to use the WordPress software. If you can learn a program like Microsoft Word, you can learn WordPress.

I have no technical skills. I hate computers. Can I really do this?

Yes. You can do it. My videos are clear and concise. And if you get stuck, simply fill out this form. I have a little more information right here about why I believe that anyone with a little internal motivation can learn how to make a website.

I can't do this. It's too complicated. Can you help?

I will provide the following for free (if you’ve purchased hosting using my link) if you’re having trouble:

  1. free installation of WordPress
  2. free installation of the theme of your choice
  3. free installation and setup of JetPack
  4. free installation and setup of W3 Total Cache
  5. free installation and setup of UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration
  6. free contact form setup
  7. free “about us” page setup (will set up the page, not write it for you!)

Just fill out this form and give me one business day.

How much is this really going to cost?

Inmotion’s cheapest plan costs $3.49 per month if you pre-purchase two years of service.

If you pre-purchase just one year of service, it will cost you $3.99 per month.

Your domain name will cost you about $10 per year.

If you add that up, you’re looking at about $50-$60 per year.

Shouldn't I hire a web designer?

Hiring a web designer is a good idea in some instances.

If your site is very complex and will require a significant amount of modification from the original theme design, you may need a web designer.

If you have a lot of money to spend, you may need a web designer.

However, in this beautiful modern age we live in, anyone can learn how to make a website, with or without any technical skills.

And a designer will only create your site; you still have to add your content. Why not learn to make your website yourself since you’ll be the one maintaining it?

One more important thing to consider: it doesn’t hurt to learn how to make a website yourself. You can try it and if you feel it’s too much for you, then you can think about hiring a designer.

I want a blog, not a website.

WordPress can be used as a blog or as a website. It can be either. Contact me if you need more information.

How do I get my website to show up on Google?

Google will index your website automatically. However, you may be able to get your site listed faster by submitting your website to Google Webmaster Tools.

Is this website a WordPress website?

Yes. I build all my websites using WordPress. I’ve tried a variety of website-building software, but I always come back to WordPress.

Is this website hosted with Inmotion?

Yes, I’ve been using Inmotion for years. I’ve been online since 1998 and have tried a variety of web hosts. None have treated me better than Inmotion.

Inmotion offers 24/7, in-house technical support, and you typically don’t have to wait long. Try waiting on hold with HostGator. I waited on hold for 52 minutes for a sales call. A sales call!

Inmotion has a 90-day money-back guarantee. That’s the best in the business. They have the most comprehensive knowledgebase in the industry. They offer SSDs (solid state drives) for all levels of hosting, including their shared hosting plans.

With my discount, you really can’t go wrong with Inmotion.

What domain extension should I use? Does it matter?

If you’re serious about your website, I’d try to snatch up the .com and the .net versions of your domain name. Those are the most popular extensions. I’d always try for .com first, because it’s the most popular and most recognizable.

But really, it doesn’t matter. Any extension will work and if your website offers unique content and provides a useful service, customers will come.

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