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I’m A YouTube Megastar

If you’ve subscribed to my blog for long, you already know I have a really amazing and phenomenal YouTube presence. OK. I’m exaggerating a little, but that’s what superstars do, you know?

Anyway, for real, I have a YouTube channel. I have some useful videos on there related to lots of different stuff. My bread and butter is WordPress. I’m working on a new series of WordPress videos as we speak.

Update: I’ve finished five videos in my new WordPress series. Follow them and you’ll have a website that looks like this. More videos will be added as time allows. And you’ll notice that the website also looks like my own website — this one that you’re reading right now. That’s because uses the same theme and header images as

I’m not exactly sure when they’ll be done, but when they’re done (they are done; well, at least five of them are done), anyone who watches them will suddenly have super-human website-building skills. Yes, that means you.

If you’re one of those types of people who have always thought that website-building was only for the super-geeky, think again. After watching my videos, you’ll know how to choose and purchase a domain name, connect that domain name to a web host, and how to install and manipulate WordPress.

You’ll be the master of your own fate and the smartest financial guru alive because while you’re friends are spending thousands hiring someone else to make their website, you’re making yours for a monthly fee that’s less than the cost of a latte.

Check out the videos here.

You can also see them right here on my website by clicking on any of the steps. See steps 1-5 up there at the top of every page?

Keep in mind that I don’t only make WordPress videos. I make videos about lots of different things (as the mood strikes).

I’ve created cooking videos, videos about my beautiful home city of Portland, Oregon, videos about bamboo, a few about photography . . . and lots of other random-topic videos.

So if you haven’t seen My Boring Channel, maybe you’d like to check it out!


  1. Very good channel to create a web site, will take spare time to learn. Thanks.


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