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“Best Web Host” Review Websites

bored face simple black and white, saying how can I find the best web host?Websites that review web hosting services typically do not give legitimate reviews. Let me repeat that. The reviews are not real. Don’t believe what you read, no matter how professional or convincing the “review” site seems to be.

Did you see that? Did you?

That little literary device I just used is what my friend Tim used to call the principle of the double knock. When someone says something twice, they really mean it. For example, when you’re reading the Bible and you see the words “verily, verily” you know the author is about to say something extra important.  

I’m probably being a little too adamant about never believing what you read on various “best web host” review websites, because some web hosting reviews are legitimate, useful and honest. But in general, what I’m saying is true.

People don’t spend countless hours making high-end, professional “best web host” websites and reviewing web hosts because they’re generous. They make these websites because they’re trying to make money.

Making money is a good thing. I don’t knock hard-working folks trying to make money. Everyone has to make a buck somehow. I’m trying to make some money as well. Everyone is. So really, it’s up to the individual conducting the research (that would be you) to decide if what they’re reading is legitimate, true and honest.

So how do these websites make money? They make money when folks researching web hosts read one of their web hosting reviews and click on one of their affiliate links. They don’t care which web host you choose as long as you click one of their promotional links to sign up! They (the folks creating the “best web host” review websites) don’t really care which web host is the best web host. What they care about is getting an email that says, “You just made a sale!”

Take a few minutes to verify what I’m saying. Google “best web host” or “best web host reviews” and click on a few of the search results. Isn’t it interesting that you see a “limited time” offer on most of the “amazing” web hosts that are being reviewed? Why?

Web hosting companies give affiliates discounts to pass on to their customers. Folks see these great discounts and they buy web hosting using the affiliate’s link. The affiliate makes money and the web hosting company gains a new customer.

Affiliate Marketing Explained

Web Hosting Company #1 has an affiliate. Let’s call him Joe. And the web host says to Joe, “We’ll give your customers a 40% discount if they click this link and make a purchase.” So Joe makes a website, “reviews” the web host and puts his affiliate link at the end of his “review.”

Since Joe is a savvy guy, he also is an affiliate for a lot of other web hosts. He’s an affiliate for Web Hosting Company #1, Web Hosting Company #2, Web Hosting Company #3 . . . You get the idea.

So Joe thinks. And he figures out that if he creates a “best web host” review website that he can place all his affiliate links all over the place. More links mean more sales! And the better his website looks, the more readers will trust his “reviews.”

If a reader uses one of Joe’s links they get a killer 40% discount. So they click one of his links, see a discounted offer and think, Great! I found a super discount deal on this highly-rated web host! How lucky am I to have found a deal on the best web host in the world?

But which web hosts do you think get the best reviews? Think . . . think . . . think . . . you got it! The “best web hosts” that get the best reviews are the web hosts offering their affiliates the best commissions.

Really? Really.

It’s True–I’m An Affiliate Myself

Here’s something that will sound funny after that rant. I’m an affiliate for a web host — Inmotion Hosting. I really think they’re the best web host out there. Here’s the difference between me and those “best web host” review sites. I’m an affiliate for just one (yes, that’s right, just one) web hosting company.

I’ve tried other hosts that claimed to be the best. Guess what? They weren’t the best. They caused me headaches in one way or another.

They offered more than they could provide (storage space, bandwidth), they had limited customer service hours, limited technical support hours, downtime, outsourced service reps . . . I’ve personally been using my web host (Inmotion) for all my websites for the last five years. They have been, far and away, the best web host I have ever used.

Their prices are excellent, their 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year technical support is second to none (chat instantly online or call), they’ve been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, they use SSDs for all their web hosting plans, and they have a 90-day money back guarantee. 90 days. That’s industry-leading.

Here’s some honesty after all my affiliate-bashing. If you sign up with my web host, Inmotion Hosting, by clicking my link, I make a few bucks and you get over 50% off your web hosting. That’s the best discount you’ll find on Inmotion’s products anywhere. Now do I sound like a hypocrite or what?

Why Believe What I’m Saying?

Here’s the deal. I don’t really care if you click my link or not. I just want people that are utilizing my WordPress tutorials to have the best experience possible. And I believe that Inmotion will provide my readers with just that–the best experience possible.

Before I transferred to Inmotion, I was with a company called _______. I won’t say their name because, well, I don’t want to be that kind of person. But I’ll tell you — they sucked.

Why? They had terrible customer service and lousy technical support. I couldn’t get help when I needed it. And when I actually did get help, I had to wait on hold forever and usually ended up talking to someone reading out of a manual.

If you’re building a website for the first time, you will need help. Your site won’t run itself; you run it. And you’re going to need help along the way.

When I need help now, I get it. I can access Inmotion’s online chat right now (3:08 AM) and talk to a knowledgeable technician–not someone reading out of a manual. And if I want to talk to a person, I can call them. Wait times have always been minimal (for me) for online or phone support. The best web host will have the best technical support.

Many big web hosting companies offer unlimited everything–unlimited domains, unlimited databases, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth–and that should be a red flag. Why? Because there’s no such thing as an unlimited hard drive.

Even Inmotion has some “unlimited” claims. Another possibly stupid-on-my-part dose of honesty — I just don’t like that!

But here’s the difference: most companies typically cram as many websites onto their servers as possible. They fill them to capacity. This practice kills your site’s performance. Inmotion runs their servers at about 75% capacity to ensure that nobody over-uses server resources. That’s a big deal.

Inmotion says on their front page that they’re the “most transferred to” web host. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it very well could be. I transferred to them after years of frustration (about ten years–yes, I’m a slow learner) with other hosts. I’ve been with them for about five years now; that’s enough time to thoroughly check them out.

So while they’re not perfect (what company is?) I can say they’re the best web host I’ve used. And even better, if you click here to sign up with them, you will get over 50% off (56% off for Launch Plans or 54% off for Power Plans).

And that means you can get the superior hosting that they provide for about the same price as the other companies provide for their unlimited headaches.

One more thing.

If you don’t like them, you have 90 days to get your money back! Did I say that already? Sorry. See if any other company has that level of confidence in themselves. No? I didn’t think so.

Free Support for Your Blog or Website

Here’s the win-win solution I offer all my customers:

If you purchase your hosting through Inmotion, I’ll give you free support on your WordPress website. It’s as simple as that.

See what I offer for free.

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  1. I’m currently with godaddy, have 2 blog setup, and all of them responses really slow to any clicks. Even the admin portal runs slower than as it should.

    Please advice me what should i do..??

    Thank you..

    1. Hi there. I like your site! It looks very nice. If it were my site, I’d disable all my plugins, then see how the site ran. If it speeds up, then re-enable your plugins one by one until you find the culprit. Try Wordfence as well. It’s a plugin. Get it and run a scan. See if it finds anything malicious on your site. You can also try joining a Facebook group like this one. You can get a lot of really good, free help there. Of course I like Inmotion, so if you ever feel like trying a new web host, they’ll move your sites for you for free. Just be sure to use my link if you go that route.

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