About Me

I’m Eric. I’m a father, husband and full-time teacher who happens to love WordPress.

Who’s this website for?

This website is dedicated to all those who face challenges and overcome them. Building a website is a challenge, especially if you haven’t made a website before. But you’re here and you’re going to do it. And I’m going to help you.

Why did I make this website?

Why do I teach people how to make a website? What do I get out of it?

I love working with WordPress. It’s fun for me. I spend a lot of my recreational time making websites and experimenting with WordPress. It’s such a dynamic platform; I learn something new every time I sit down with it.

I love helping people. I’m a teacher. I work with students who struggle to succeed in a typical school setting. That’s my calling. I get to partner with students and walk them through their high school years. Seeing them walk across that stage is the ultimate reward.

In the same way, I love helping people make their own website. Most folks don’t know a lot about even where to start when it comes to making a website. It’s like helping a struggling student. So when the website gets rolling, I feel the same rush as when a student walks across that stage. It’s a satisfying feeling.

I also make money doing this. I don’t make as much as I do teaching, but it’s enough that it’s worth it. When you buy a domain name or web hosting using my links, I make a commission. Be sure to check out my affiliate link disclosure.

So — are you ready to learn how to make a website?

Let’s Get Started!