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I’m Eric. I’m a father, husband and full-time teacher who happens to love WordPress.

Why A WordPress Showcase?

WordPress already has a large showcase on their own website, so why another one? In fact, a number of WordPress showcase websites already exist. Why another?

Theme-Based Organization

This WordPress showcase features websites grouped by theme to give users examples of what they can do with a particular theme. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve input search phrases like “Twenty Twelve theme examples” attempting to find real, working websites using that theme. Invariably I end up checking out that theme’s official demo site, instead of finding a real WordPress website, out in the wild, using that theme. This website fixes that problem.

My blog posts won’t feature a lot of text or explanation; each post will briefly describe a website, identify the theme, and include a link to that website.

SEO Boost

A WordPress showcase gives you a chance to show off your stuff. We actively comb the Internet seeking high-quality WordPress websites to feature but we also give folks a chance to submit their own WordPress website for others to admire. This results in additional exposure for your website as well as providing an SEO lift by giving you a free, high-quality backlink.

Affiliate Sales

I’m an affiliate for WordPress.com, Inmotion Hosting and Namecheap (a domain name registrar). That means if you use my links to make any purchases, I make a commission.

If you want a WordPress website, these companies provide the best products and support in the business. Period.

Namecheap is a domain name registrar. I’ve used many, and Namecheap simply offers the best user experience. No upsells, in-your-face advertising or underhanded ploys. Sign up for your own domain name here.

WordPress.com is the easiest way for anyone to start their own website and it’s cheap, stable and worry-free. Sign up for your own website here.

Inmotion Hosting is a web host with 24/7 technical support and the largest knowledgebase in the industry. Using a web host like Inmotion is a bit more technical than simply signing up with WordPress.com, but your freedom expands exponentially when you self-host your WordPress website. Get 56% off your Inmotion Hosting plan here.

The difference between signing up with WordPress.com or with Inmotion is simple. WordPress.com is a fully self-contained system. It’s like staying at an all-inclusive hotel. You need nothing. Backups, security, stability . . . it’s all included. The downside? Your options for creativity and expansion are limited. Inmotion Hosting allows you to use the WordPress software (from WordPress.org) and your options for creativity and expansion are wholly unlimited.

For a more detailed explanation read the following article:

WordPress.com vs. Traditional Web Hosting

Free Consultation

After browsing through the showcase, if you’re sold on WordPress, I’m happy to give you a free consultation. My free consultation includes:

  • a phone conversation / fact-finding session to determine your needs
  • a recommendation on whether you need WordPress.com or a traditional web host (or possibly another solution)
  • ongoing support as needed

Obviously I can’t provide 24/7 technical support, but each company I recommend offers free support for their products and services. What I can’t help you with they can.

If you happen to be in the Portland, Oregon area, I can also meet you face-to-face at a local restaurant. All I ask is that you buy me an IPA of my choice. Portland is famous for its beer after all.

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