5-Part WordPress Video Series

5-Part WordPress Video Series

These five free WordPress tutorials contain important information about every aspect of making a website, including acquiring a domain name and web hosting, choosing, installing and manipulating a WordPress theme, selecting, installing the configuring WordPress plugins (including plugins I feel are essential, especially for those new to the WordPress experience) and writing pages and posts.

I plan on adding more videos to the series, but haven’t quite decided on the direction of the next video. I’m helping you create this exact website you’re looking at, and after these five videos, you’ll be well on your way. The sample website (updated only as far as the videos demonstrate) is here.

As you can see, we have some things to accomplish. We still have to figure out our widgets (although you may be able to do that yourself after watching video #3 in the following series).

We have to figure out how to work with media, including video and images. Using Jetpack’s Tiled Galleries and Carousel modules is a lot of fun and will add a variety of visual appeal to your WordPress website.

It’s also important to learn to manipulate our navigation menus.

So . . . those videos will be coming in the near future. However, my summer’s starting to get busy so I’m not sure when the next video will be complete . . .

I hope you enjoy the following 5-part video series, fresh for 2016.

The WordPress Video Tutorials










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